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Kristy Pokorny

From Kristy:

For as long as I can remember, I have loved drawing and painting animals and people. I would color and paint happily for hours. I was born an artist, but my family didn’t think that was a realistic career option, so they directed me toward the sciences. 

I wanted to be a Veterinarian until I realized that I would be working with sick animals. In college I considered becoming a psychologist until I realized, there too, I would be working with the sick. That dilemma unresolved, I left school to get married and raise a family.

It was several years later that I decided to take an art class, a decision that would change my life. I couldn’t get enough of art and just kept studying, starting at The Art Center, finally earning a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Northern Illinois University.  
I begin my paintings by taking photographs of people I know and then decide which one shows a mood or feeling that interests me. I go with my intuition and later understand what I was trying to portray.  I work in acrylic paints on a cadmium yellow background with clear bright colors, which I glaze in thin layers. I use very little white as I feel that dulls and flattens the painting.  In each piece I strive for a feeling of a total small world. Welcome to my worlds. 

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