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Ebb & Flow Show Featuring Sandie Bacon and John Hatlestad Debuts December 8 at AIR Gallery

AIR Gallery is pleased to announce a new gallery show, Ebb & Flow, debuting in December. This multi-media show features two Chicago area artists, painter Sandie Bacon and sculptor John Hatlestad, whose work both complements and contrasts with each other. The show opens Thursday, December 8, 2022 and runs through January 28, 2023 at AIR Studio + Gallery, 348 Tudor Court, Glencoe, IL.

Sandie Bacon’s paintings of oceans, swamps and Greek myths are mercurial. Movement, rhythm and color dance in gestural depictions and textural surfaces. In juxtaposition, John Hatlestad’s sculptures have their heart in wood and metal. He repurposes found objects of the past, giving strength and dignity to what might otherwise have been left behind. His work always highlights beautiful craftsmanship.

Transformation, the ebb and flow of natural cycles, love of materials and invention are the common themes between them. Both artists have long and distinguished careers, have shown shown individually and collaboratively in venues such as Art Prize in Michigan, and the Chicago Sculpture Society’s Tree Projects, and are included in many corporate collections like the Warren-Newport Public Library and the Chicago Department of the Environment.

Sandie is a Working Artist for Golden Paints, teaching workshops to colleges and art leagues throughout the midwest. She is also a Silver Brush educator and a muralist. She has a BFA from Johnston College in California, and an MFA from Maryland Institute Graduate School of painting.

John is renowned woodworker and furniture designer. He has also worked as an actor and model. He has a BFA from Bemidji College in Minnesota.

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