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Ellie Routtenberg

From Ellie Routtenberg:

My art is a reflection of my persona. I try to communicate the myriad of human emotions,the mystery of life, the joy in connections. I want to capture the pleasure in discovery and the drive to learn. I feel that my art “keeps me young”. It brings out the child in me, the spontaneous, irrational, unpredictable, playful “me”. The creative process also connects me with the spiritual side of my persona. It allows me to go beyond “what is” to a world that can only be imagined.

In addition to my paintings, I also take this process a step further when I create videos from parts of my paintings, which I “cut out” in Photoshop and then animate in the program “Motion”. These can be viewed on Youtube under “ellierouttenberg.

My work  as a social worker in palliative care and hospice “grounds” me in terms of facing the reality of illness and death. It makes it even more imperative that I express in my art the full spectrum of life experiences: beauty and ugliness, pleasure and pain, play and drudgery. 


I hope that people of all ages can connect to my art. 


Cell:  847-814-7328

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