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Carol L. Myers

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Carol L. Myers

Artist Statement

My work explores the internal landscape of spirit. Meditative pencil drawings explore the natural objects that fascinate me: shells, bones, fossils, bare trees and roots…the architecture of nature. These explorations form my personal constellation of image and meaning, and my work spins off from here, becoming richer with time and repetition.

My work invites the viewer into connection with spirit. Intimate and meditative, it creates a sacred space for contemplation. I have always believed in the healing nature of art, weaving creative expression into the fabric of my life. That belief has transformed into a deep knowing that art heals. The process of creation heals me, and I send that healing out into the world with my art.


Carol L. Myers is printmaker and mixed media artist living in Southwest Michigan, just 12 miles from beautiful Lake Michigan. She maintains a home studio on Paw Paw Lake and a public studio at the Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, Michigan.

Myers is a self-professed magpie collector of stones, bones, rusty bits and other fascinating natural and manmade objects found on walks around Paw Paw Lake and at her favorite Lake Michigan Beach, Rocky Gap Park. An intimate connection to the natural beauty of the area and the proximity to the lakes and waterways inspire her work. This inspiration finds form in the flow of pigmented beeswax images printed to paper, delicate drawings on paper, layers and textures of encaustic wax paintings and the texture and mark of paint and stitch on fabric.

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