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Seth Flaum

The Weather Series

Seth Flaum:


Seth Flaum has had a lifelong interest in photography and film, from his teenage years in the photo darkroom to his long career as a Hollywood film editor. He traveled the world studying music, mountaineering and creating art, finally settling in Los Angeles.  Seth apprenticed and worked his way up the ladder to film editor in the late 1980s in Hollywood.  All while he produced thousands of sketches, paintings, sculptures and collage as well as continued his photography work. Early in his film career, Seth was mentored by many of the finest Film Editors, Cinematographers and Directors of the 80s, including directors William Friedkin and John Hughes, film editors Bud Smith and Tom Rolf, and cinematographers Gordon Willis and Vittorio Storaro, to name a few. 

Flaum continues to work in the film business and is currently producing a documentary about what he considers to be the last generation of true Major League Baseball Umpires. Flaum has four children, Maxwell, Elizabeth, Moses & Immanuel. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Tamara Blaich who is the Executive Producer of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City."

The Weather Series
Seth Flaum created the weather series starting with his fascination with how we depend on our phone weather apps to keep us informed in our daily lives and particularly as we experience extreme conditions regularly. Seth's digital paintings are visceral responses to place, condition and emotional reaction to how we all live within these conditions.

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