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Jimi P brings talented young Chicago artists to AIR Gallery to kick off Fall art season

AIR Gallery announces our Fall season kickoff show, "bloated," featuring a young cast of artists curated by Jimi Paszkiewicz. This talented group of friends are collaborators and mentors to each other and the work shows the positivity throughout the varied artworks. The opening is slated for Friday, September 8, 5:00-8:00pm and runs through the following weekend, ending September 16 at AIR Gallery, 348 Tudor Court, Glencoe.

Jimi describes the show, "Conceived from a desire to dissolve the minimalism of conventional galleries, this show features a range of artists and disciplines in a claustrophobic representation of how art making manifests in everyday life. Setting aside the limitations of space, theme, or style, the viewer is invited to make their own connections between the works, to find unexpected parallels and allow the pieces to transform in the presence of one another. bloated is an homage to the chance encounter."

AIR Gallery is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, noon-5:00pm. Text 708-466-3519 for private viewing scheduling.

Prepare to have fun!

“Candlelight” 2023

Artists: Modestypanel, V8 TFD, Jimi P

Mikey Coleman

Jimi P: rip Chicago t-shirts

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