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"JOAN MINSKY abstract nature" Opens October 14th!

"JOAN MINSKY abstracts art"
Opening event:
Saturday, Oct. 14, 5:00-7:00pm
AIR Gallery, 348 Tudor Ct., Glencoe

AIR Studio + Gallery is thrilled to host these exciting new works by our very own member, Joan Minsky. Joan has been a longtime oil pastel painter of nature and has taken her work to new heights in the last year.

From Joan: "I have been painting landscapes for more than a decade. In addition to a somewhat realistic rendering of the subject matter and have been concerned with producing a pleasing composition utilizing color, value, rhythm, balance and focal point.

Over the past year I have been moving away from subject matter to purely abstract pieces as represented in this show. The interesting thing is that I still am using the same elements of art that I used in my landscapes. I feel freed, as I have more esthetic choices."
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